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The Grand Exchange Market Watch is a guide and information resource for you to track prices and other information for items traded on the Grand Exchange within the RuneScape game. The information here is obtained from other traders and players who use the exchange, and you are encouraged to help participate in sharing this trading information.

Market IndicesEdit

GEMH Steel bar.png

Example price history for steel bars

The following are some "average prices" to try and get an idea of the general health of the RuneScape economy. As of December 9 2007, the index was started at a base value of 100, and the current value is a general reflection of how prices have gone up or down since then.

Index As of today Change
Common Trade Index Kamalian sa pagpapahayag: Hindi inaasahang bantas na tagapagsagawa (operator) ng <Kamalian sa pagpapahayag: Hindi inaasahang bantas na tagapagsagawa (operator) ng <Kamalian sa pagpapahayag: Hindi inaasahang bantas na tagapagsagawa (operator) ng <Kamalian sa pagpapahayag: Hindi inaasahang bantas na tagapagsagawa (operator) ng <Kamalian sa pagpapahayag: Hindi inaasahang bantas na tagapagsagawa (operator) ng <Kamalian sa pagpapahayag: Hindi inaasahang bantas na tagapagsagawa (operator) ng < Suleras:GE Common Trade Index/Change
Rune Index Suleras:GE Rune Index Suleras:GE Rune Index/Change
Log Index Suleras:GE Log Index Suleras:GE Log Index/Change
Food Index Suleras:GE Food Index Suleras:GE Food Index/Change
Metal Index Suleras:GE Metal Index Suleras:GE Metal Index/Change

Item informationEdit

Items by skillEdit

Skill Details Completion stage
ConstructionBuilding supplies, Garden supplies, and NailsComplete
ConstructionFurniture flatpacksComplete
CookingFood and Ingredients50%
CraftingLeather, Jewellery, and Crafting Goods50%
FarmingSeeds, farmer payments, farming tools and boostsComplete
FiremakingLight Sources and LogsComplete
FishingFish, Baits, Fishing equipment, and BoostsComplete
FletchingLogs, Unstrung Bows, and other Fletching goods85%
HerbloreHerbs, Ingredients, and PotionsComplete
HunterCamouflage gear, Hunter supplies, drops, baits, and boostsComplete
MagicRunes, Wizard clothings, staves90%
Strength.gif Defence.gif
MeleeMelee armour and accessories70%
Strength.gif Attack.gif
MeleeMelee weaponsComplete
Mining & SmithingOres, Bars, Essences, PickaxesComplete
PrayerBones and Prayer itemsComplete
RangedRanged weapons, ammunitions, armour, and Cannon partsComplete
RunecraftingRunes, Essences, Talismans, TiarasComplete
SlayerSlayer equipment, drops, and boostsComplete
SummoningPouches, Scrolls, Components and Pet FoodComplete
WoodcuttingLogs and axesComplete

Other itemsEdit

Items Details Completion stage
Santa hat.PNG
Discontinued itemsHoliday-event-related items, and other Complete
Bob shirt red.gif
Clothes and gearNot usually worn for combat 50%
Amulet of glory (t).PNG
Treasure TrailsCoveted items from the Treasure Trails 85%
Minigame icon.png
MinigamesItems related to various minigames, except combat minigames Complete
Combat Minigame icon.png
Combat minigamesItems related to combat minigames Complete
CommonGroups of popular items 25%
Down.pngUnchg.pngUp .png
OtherItems not otherwise categorised Under construction

Price update tutorial.gif

A tutorial on updating market prices.

To UPDATE the market price of items in the Grand Exchange Market Watch:

  1. Click on the edit link in Grand Exchange Market Watch pages, or update in the Item article's Infobox Exchange price (present only if exchange=gemw).
  2. Delete the value in LastDate=
  3. Move the value in Date= to LastDate=.
  4. Add 5 tildes ~~~~~ to Date= to add the current time/date.
  5. Delete the value in Last=
  6. Move the value from Price= to Last=.
  7. Add the Market price to Price= (without commas or "k"/"m"; i.e. 42000, not 42,000, not 42k).
  8. Click the Save page button.

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